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The Slam Man is a must have for any fitness or boxing enthusiast. Designed by a professional boxer, the Slam Man Reflex Trainer provides hours of fun workout for anyone. Get in shape, improve your fitness, test your reflexes and sharpen your boxing skills all at the same time!

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Slam Man Prices

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Aside from the Slam Man itself, your package will include:

- Quality boxing gloves
- Instructional video
- An example of a boxers eating plan

More about the popular Slam Man

The Slam Man was originally designed exclusively for martial arts experts and boxing professionals. Since then it has gone on to become a massive hit in households around the world! This is because the Slam Man is a proven winner when it comes to getting you fighting fit. It is also a fantastic stress buster and a great aid for self-defence practices. Truly a multi-purpose piece of equipment!

Slam Man Interactive Aerobic Reflex Trainer
All you need to do is fill the Slam Man’s base with 240 pounds of sand to steady it, and then you are ready to start punching…its as simple as that! You will soon realise that the Slam Man is more than a formidable opponent. However the Slam Man is much more than a lousy punch bag. There is a resistant built-in training computer offering 15 different routines for you to try out. You can also customise them to suit you!

Once the program is set, there will be a sequence of flashing lights which you correspond to by punching. The speed of the lights, as well as the strength required to rid them, depends on the program you have chosen. Naturally, you will start with the easier programs. Don’t forget that you can also practice your kick (from Muay Thai and Kickboxing). The Slam Man is perfect for anyone as it is height adjustable. It is also available in two different colours, silver and teal. Read our Slam Man review here.

Slam Man Benefits

The Slam Man benefits number into the many. Boxing is one of the most effective forms of exercising you can do, utilising all your energy systems and vastly improving your cardiovascular system. If you want to improve your aerobic fitness, then it does not get much better than this. Due to the intensity involved you are guaranteed to lose body fat if that is your goal. You will also naturally become leaner, fitter, and more toned. It will also speed up and sharpen your reflexes. Finally, you can perfect your punching and kicking techniques to really become fighting fit! Still not convinced? Think of the fun you can have smashing Slam Man as opposed to the repetitiveness of running on a treadmill!

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Slam Man Features

  • 5 excellent in-built exercise programs
  • 3 levels of resistance to choose from
  • Torso and base built from a high density blow moulded polyethylene plastic
  • Can withstand heavy use and punishment without being damaged
  • Includes quality boxing gloves, instruction video and boxers diet plan
  • Can be operated in any environment, including homes and gyms
  • Adjustable strike sensors
  • Height: Adjustable from 5 feet 4 inches (160cm) up to 6 feet (180cm)
  • Length: 47cm (18.5 inches)
  • Width: 43 cm (17 inches)
  • Weight: 29lbs empty (240lbs when filled)
  • Warranty: 12 month domestic warranty

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Slam Man Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials sent by users of this website to us. If you have a story to share, then please get in contact.

“Keeping fit is not easy when you have a busy life. This solved all the problems, and it is an amazing stress realeaser…” – Jason Martin, Newcastle

“I love my Slam Man. It is so practical, I actually didn’t think I would use it so much…” – Jane Middleton, London